Training academy - The art of the warrior

Headquarter europe - Dai-Sifu Martin Hofmann


In our Wing Chun system, all movements were maximized and re-conformed to their original purpose of protecting life and limb in actual self-defense and combat situations. The movements are executed in all conceivable directions. Supported by joint-generated power, they achieve considerable effect even from very short distances and under the most disadvantageous conditions. This requires an appropriately dynamic training method that strengthens muscles, sinews and bones by utilizing precisely targeted strength and coordination-building exercises.
This results in a method that, during the course of several years, conforms a student’s structure to even the most extreme demands of hand-to-hand combat.

In addition, we place great value on building a student’s ability to read an attacker’s body language. The reason lies in the fact that the eyes are far better able to recognize a potentially dangerous situation than tactile reflexes. In other words, a student’s visual perception must be specially trained because tactile reflexes can only work on contact. This keeps the student from setting himself up for defeat by passively “waiting” for contact and therefore falling for an attacker’s fakes or draws.

Unlike combat sports with precisely defined rules and regulations, no competitions with point systems exist in Wing Chun. Because even beginning students are learning techniques that can effectively render an attacker unable to continue an altercation, such competitions would lead to severe and incapacitating injuries.

This system is an effective catalyst for human health at any age. Through the experience of practicing this art, physical weaknesses and limitations are more than compensated. Your brain/body builds new synaptic pathways, and long-lost instinctive response-abilities are brought back to life. Wing Chun training in our system is always specifically tailored to the individual student, so starting as a new beginner is always possible at any age.
In our Wing Chun, there are no “maybe” techniques. Every single movement has its precise purpose in terms of mode of action and situational applications!