Training academy - The art of the warrior

Headquarter europe - Dai-Sifu Martin Hofmann

Training lessons

Wing Chun

Monday and Thursday
18:00 – 20:00


20:00 – 21:00

Training facility


Hauptstr. 48
66904 Brücken
on the second floor

Tel: 06373 / 894020

Trial Lessons

For those beginners who are interested in martial-arts-training, lessons start with the program for the First Student Grade, where the foundation for the continuing progress of their future martial arts career is laid.  The following Student Grades (twelve in total) consist of a continuous and interlocking system, in which each level builds upon the skills learned in the previous one.

After successful conclusion of the twelfth Student Program, the actual study of „The Art of the Warrior“ begins, leading through the „Technician“ Levels all the way to the „Practitioner“,(End of the technical area). Finally, with appropriate finish, and additional capabilities that go far beyond simply fighting, then the title "Master" of this art follows.

Interested individuals can participate in a free trial lesson without obligation.

What Do I Need to Bring for a Trial Lesson?

Simply wear comfortable exercise clothing (T-Shirt and wide or elastic pants) and sneakers. It would be optimal to wear black jogging pants and a white T-Shirt, since those are the traditional colors for students of Wing Chun.

If you are open to new information, ideas, and methods, there should be no reason why you won’t feel right at home with us. We take pride in our friendly and violence-free interactions between among our students and between students and instructors. A relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere and mutual respect are very important in our Wing Chun schools.

If possible, let us know by telephone or email when you would like to schedule your free trial lesson.

What brings all of our students together is their fascination with Wing Chun and their mutual respect.