Training academy - The art of the warrior

Headquarter europe - Dai-Sifu Martin Hofmann

Becoming a Wing Chun or Escrima Teacher

This is for martial arts students who dream of turning their hobby into a lucrative profession, for martial arts instructors who search for a highly valued and seamless medium for continuing education, for those who want to join a family of like-minded students and teachers, and for instructors who want to mutually support each other in pursuing the common goal to learn „The Art of the Warrior“, both as training partners and as friends.

Whether in Wing Chun, the art of the empty hand, or in Escrima, the art of mastering every conceivable striking weapon; whether for a hobby teacher or for the professional martial arts instructor, we offer an education and training based on a well-rounded curriculum and solid support through both our organization and our partner schools.

Since the days of our founding, the content of our instructional methods has changed significantly and is constantly improving. [Likewise, and over time, profound differences emerged between the form and the content of other systems with similar names.

It is nearly (if not completely) impossible to form a sufficiently accurate idea of what „The Art of the Warrior“ is and how it works from just reading books, studying photos, and/or watching videos alone. That‘s why we invite all interested persons to inform themselves, directly and personally, either through one of our school owners/instructors, or through Dai-Sifu Martin Hofmann, the chief instructor of all of our schools and training locations. To make this possible, we conduct regular seminars in our Training Academy in Bruecken, and in our school in Bruchsal, Germany. All future seminar and teaching schedules are available on our „Seminars“, page, only a mouse click away.

Those who wish to join our organization may, after a personal conference with Dai-Sifu Hofmann, have their documented rankings (e.g., entries in their martial arts passport or original ranking certificates) from other organizations officially recognized in our system.