Training academy - The art of the warrior

Headquarter europe - Dai-Sifu Martin Hofmann

Sifu Martin Hofmann

„The Art of the Warrior“, is the name of the training academy I founded in 2004 for both Wing Chun and Escrima.

Hi. My name is Martin Hofmann. I was born in 1966. My first contact with martial arts began in 1981 with Karate. I changed to Wing Chun in 1986 and have practiced this art since then with enormous passion and enthusiasm. In 1989, I began to teach Wing Chun. In 1990, I added the weapons art „Escrima“, to our curriculum, under the tutelage of several grand masters of that art.

In 2004, while still a member of the EWTO (European Wing Tsun Organization), I passed the test for Master of Wing Chun. It was during that time when I realized that those who seek new discoveries and realizations must break their old chains, and so I left the EWTO in order to find the true path to „The Art of the Warrior.“

I now devote the vast majority of my life to practicing Wing Chun and Escrima, to the rediscovery of the forgotten secrets of the fighting arts, and to the question „What is the real core of all martial arts?“

If that core is really only about mere self defense, then even the purchase of a handgun or some other commonly used weapon, will achieve the desired increase in self-confidence. Why go through years of grueling training to get that effect? So maybe the true essence of martial arts training actually has something to do with The Way, of „Tao“?

Many of the ancient civilizations of the Far East produced practices that survive to this day. What almost all of these traditional arts share in common is that they point to something called „The Way“, in that their practitioners can experience deep truths and self-discovery after long years of persistent practice and devotion. In the process, little by little, the devotee discovers the laws of the finely woven forces that form the substance of life itself.

In doing so, he learns that the quality of his life’s work depends on the unfolding of his own qualities as a human being. His external workings and doings become the expression of profound internal change and improvement.

That is where the true Path begins. „The Art of the Warrior“, serves as the catalyst for a student‘s way to his inner self, taking him through the heights and the depths of his own perception.