Training academy - The art of the warrior

Headquarter europe - Dai-Sifu Martin Hofmann

We show you the often missing "golden thread" and explain why some techniques can never work and how the knowledge of students and teachers stage is interwoven. Every movement of the empty hand forms is found in atleast one of the several "sections" of our chi sau program. You will learn techniques that complete the system and close gaps in the previously learned. That way, even beginning students learn concepts from the knowledge of the masters, did make their techniques truly functional and useable.

"We offer a solution for people who want to pursue self defense in order to find - and then go beyond - their own limitations.
We are the right place for martial-sports enthusiasts, martial arts instructors, and students of the arts of all stripes and colors who are looking for high-level martial arts training and continuing education that has no gaps and 'flat spots'. Our instructors support each other as training partners, and as friends in their an common goal: to learn and master everything about our Wing Chun and Escrima.
"The Art of the Warrior!"

“ Learning to fight , to not have to fight”